There were many different reactions to the resurrection of Lazarus, some believed, some were amazed, some were confused and some were angry and threatened. The work of God is always this way, He moves and people react. The difficulty is when we try to anticpate the reaction. We all react according to what is in our hearts, according to what we are willing to surrender and according to whether or not we will willingly listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The reaction of many people was to put their faith in Jesus. The reaction of the Chief Priests and Pharisees was to seek Jesus’ death, faith in Him would cost them too much. The reaction of Mary was to pour out her valuable ointment upon His head and feet as an act of worship. In another passage, Zacchaeus reacted to Jesus’ presence with extravagant giving. In yet another, one of the thieves that died beside Jesus reacte to His presence with extravagant faith. How are we reacting to Jesus’ presence today? The extravagant love of God that would allow Him to come to us, to die for us to rise from the dead for us and to send His Spirit to dwell within us requires and deserves an extravagant reaction. React to Jesus’ love today, react with obedience, react with love, react with worship. The truth is, even the most extravagant of reactions is simply “our reasonable act of worship”.