As we end our series of action or activity it is time for us to consider our vision as a church. What has God called us to? Who are we to be for and in our community? Are we being faithful and obedient to what God has set before us?

At City of Refuge Fellowship we have a vision of reconciliation. We believe that God desires to reconcile all men, first to Himself and then to one another. We are called to be ministers of that reconciliation through passionate prayer, intimate worship, devotion to God’s Word and humble servanthood. We are confident that through God’s mercy we will see unity in the Body of Christ, restoration of families, healing for the broken and justice for the abused. Our vision is to take part in the triumph of mercy over judgment and to see the glory of the Lord as it rises upon our city.

I pray that we will grab hold of the ministry of reconciliation, that we would love mercy and spend our lives to see those around us returned to friendship with God. It is more than our calling, it is the privilege we have been given, God has chosen all of His children to love, lead and restore the lost to Himself.

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