“The Purpose of Poorness” John 12:1-11

Worship is complicated. Worship can be musical, but there is far much more to it than that. Worship is not about us; worship is about God because it flows from what we have received from Him. Worship must be offered in obedience to the Spirit and Word of God. In our text, Mary pours out perfume onto Jesus as an act of worship. Her worship was met with opposition, but her worship was not a waste or robbing the poor. Our worship will not always make sense to those around us, in fact sometimes it makes others uncomfortable. In our obedience, worship, we might be called to pour out all we have to those in need. We might be called to be mindful and good stewards of what we have been given. We might be called to pour out all we have at the feet of Jesus. This morning I pray, that we would see that worship is our obedience to God, not our songs, dances or gathers. It has to be about who we are before it can be about what we do.