“The King is Coming” John 12:12-19

What happens when our excitement causes us to create unreal or even wrong expectations? Do we run with excitement or let patience and endurance have its work? What do we do when excitement wears off? There is a danger when we tend to find ourselves seeking an experience rather than allowing something to be built. The truth is excitement will wear off, but it is commitment that will build our faith in such a way that holds us when it does. In our text today, we see that the crowd desired a king that would come in with great power and overthrow their enemies, which is what they thought Jesus would do, but what we see is that Jesus came to make peace, to first be their priest so that He could be the sacrifice. This morning I pray, that we would be willing to give the King more room than ourselves and that we will trust that He sees us so that we can put our attention on seeming Him clearly.