“The Greeks” John 12:20-22

Right after we read about the triumphal entry, we read about a group of Greeks wanting to talk to Jesus. Why are these almost seemingly out of place verses here? These are a group of Greeks who had come to worship, they wanted to celebrate Passover. They are a group of gentiles who had forsaken and renounced their former gods so that they could follow Jesus. We have all made and heard announcements before, but announcements do not mean much unless action follows. Change must happen. For this group of Greeks, they did not just make a confession, but they walked away from what they knew. They were no longer going to be who they once were and they were no longer going to search for joy, peace, or strength in their former ways, but were surrendering it all to Christ. This morning I pray that we would be willing not to just make an announcement or to do something, but that we would be willing to walk away and not be who we once were; that we would fully surrender to Christ the places we have held on to for so long.