“The Great Joy of a Changed Life” Matthew 1:18-25

This week we finished our “Great Joy” series by discussing the great joy of a changed life.There is one thing that every person involved in the first Christmas story had in common, the promise and birth of Christ changed their lives dramatically. When Jesus was born, that is the first time we see the angels come with a song rather than just an announcement. It meant that something new happened and that something good was upon us. But real change requires us to make a decision. Change must move beyond merely a change of circumstances that we see around us and become a change of our hearts that we experience in us. What good is it if the details change, but our hearts remain the same? Christ came to change us so that we could follow Him, living changed lives. Are we willing to be changed? Today, I pray that we would realize our need for change and that we would experience the great joy of living lives completely surrendered to Christ.

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