“Sometimes Love Stays” John 11:1-8

Our passage today about the death of Lazarus, but this is not a passage about death, disappointment, or even resurrection. Sometimes we rush through familiar passages, thinking we already know, but those are the moments it is especially important for us to slow down and let the Scripture speak. The story of Lazarus is a story of love. But what does love look like? What do we expect it to feel like? What have we decided must happen to feel like we are loved? What if what we ask is not what He desires? Here we see Jesus do the least expected thing. He did not rush to Lazarus and He did not even send word that he will be healed. He stayed. And when the time had come, He went and wept with those He loved for one He loved. This morning I pray that we will be able to learn what it means to endure through difficulties and disappoint for the sake of the glory of Christ and that we would be confident in His love for us in the midst of it.