“Resurrected and Set Free” John 11:35-44

Are we willing to let Jesus do what He came to do in our lives? Are we willing to push through the hard questions, and even unthinkable commands, so that He could do more than we could imagine? Jesus came to teach us, through Lazarus, that death has no power over Him. The enemy came with all that he had, and God raised up a standard. We want God to meet our needs, but are we ready for God to take control of the situation? Are we willing to let Him roll away the stone? Are we willing to trust? Trust is a belief in character more than a hope for an outcome. It is a decision of vulnerability. The greatest victories come from the greatest places of trust. This morning I pray that we would see that God doesn’t just desire for us to be resurrected, but He wants us to be set free; true healing requires the presence of God and God’s people.