Serving the Community

Jesus came as a servant to the world. He poured Himself out by meeting the needs of those around Him, He healed the sick, fed the poor, raised the dead and made a way for salvation. As the servants of Jesus we are called to be servants of our community.

Every community has great needs, ours is no different. We believe that we can serve our community through prayer first. We have established prayer watches that will ultimately lead to our city being prayed for 24 hours a day. From prayer must come service. It is our desire to be a blessing in tangible, necessary ways. We give to local food ministries, volunteer for community cleaning opportunities and local activities, and encourage one another to become involved in all aspects of community life.

One of the specific things that God has laid on our hearts is to be a blessing to the children of Burlington. We encourage each other to be involved in the schools, in the recreation department, local mentoring programs and in our own neighborhoods.