I Peter 4:7-11 “Living in the Last Days”

In this passage Peter turns the attention of his readers, whom he has called to be pilgrims and strangers, to live in submission to leaders, employers, spouses and each other, even if that submission leads to following in Christ’s example of suffering, to understand that “the end of all things is at hand”. What does it really mean to be living in the “last days”? What did it mean to those who first read these words and what must it mean to us? It’s not about the theology of when Christ comes or when the church departs, it’s about how we live here and now, in the days we have been given. Peter breaks down living in the last days into three commands: pray, love, serve. What may be surprising is that in these three calls Peter gives a strong call to fellowship, telling his readers to “love one another”, “be hospitable to one another” and “minister to one another”. What if all of our last days theology has missed the most important piece of all, not how we usher in the return of Christ but how Christ desires us to live in the midst of His patience?

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