“Out of the Overflow” Luke 6:43-45 Joanne Ellis

This past Sunday our dear friend and partner in ministry, Joanne Ellis was our guest speaker. Joanne longs to live her life ever before God, she has a keen way of expressing God’s longing for our hearts and our opportunity to give ourselves to Him unfettered by fear, shame or immaturity. We are confident that God will speak to you as you listen as Joanne shares out of the overflow of the Spirit of God within her.
We are all tempted at times to clean up our words so that we can give the appearance that our hearts are good. But how are we really presenting ourselves? Are we more concerned with our outward appearance? I am beginning to realize how backwards I get things and how often I try to do in my flesh what only God can do in me. God is far more concerned with our hearts than our words.

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