Melissa Kulynych “The Goodness and Severity of God” Romans 11:17-36

This Sunday we had the joy of hearing from our worship pastor, Melissa Kulynych.

The vastness, beauty, and sovereignty of God is unfathomable. Do we see His goodness even in our difficulties? Do we see His goodness even in our disobedience? It is not God’s will that we would sin, but in His goodness, He shows us grace and mercy in the midst. Israel was broken off due to their unbelief, but from their unbelief came the opportunity for Gentiles to be grafted in. He is sovereign even over disobedience. God desires to not just know us but to be known by us. We were grafted in not just for relationship with Christ, but as part of God’s mercy for Israel. We are meant to provoke Israel. We are part of His plan for redemption. But are we living our lives as salt and light to Israel? What if we are the only reflection of Christ to someone? This morning I pray that seeds would be planted that cause us to hunger and thirst after righteousness and that we would desire to want to know Him even more.