Melissa Kulynych: “Joy in the Waiting” Luke 2:10-40

This week we had the pleasure of hearing from our worship pastor, Melissa Kulynych! She walked us through the “moments of waiting” that we see in Luke 2:10-40 from the shepherds to Mary to Simeon to Anna. In each moment we saw that there was joy in the waiting and it was not joy that came from not having any difficulties or from all being right in the world, but it was a joy that came from recognizing the presence and hand of God. A joy that came from pondering, from recognizing that there was something going on that was far greater than anyone’s expectations. A joy that comes from holding the promises of God close to our hearts and watching as God fulfills them according to His perfect timing. I pray that as you listen to this message, that you would lay down your expectations and ideas of waiting and would allow God to disrupt the commonplaces of your life, as you choose to wait and receive the great joy of the promise.

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