“Lifted to the Light” John 12:27-36

What does it mean to glorify God? What Jesus wanted more than a release of His grief was to be used for God’s glory. Glory is when we sacrifice everything to God even the things we did not want to face. Our desire for God’s glory must be great than our desire for a change of feeling or situation. What if God were to speak and say He was being glorified in our lives right now? What if the thing we want to change God actually says is working? What if submission to His will is a greater witness than rescue from our feelings? What if we are exactly where God put us even if we are not at all where we want to be? The Father said don’t let your feelings of trouble diminish the promise of provision and victory. God’s glory is pressed out of oil. The narrow way leads to perfection and maturity. Jesus died to change everything in the “now”. The Father spoke for our sake; so that we would hear that He is present even in the midst of situations that cause our hearts to be troubled. This morning I pray that we would move pass being people who are saved and become people who are living in the “now” of their salvation. Everything points to and flows from the cross; it is where every decision must be made.