John 4:27-42 Unable or Unwilling? 

Have you ever been afraid that you were going to miss it? When Noah was a little boy he would fight sleep with every ounce of strength he could muster. His head would be bobbing, his eyes closing and we’d tell him to just go to sleep and he’d say, “I’m not tired”. I was convinced that he was scared to death that something good would happen while he was sleeping and he would miss it. I get calls from people every week that just want some assurance that they have not missed it, are not missing it or won’t miss it. For some reason, we have come to believe that the movements, intentions and desires of God are easy to overlook, that they flash for a moment so only those who are always paying attention get to see them or are so difficult to decipher that you could be staring at God’s will and not know it. David said, “The LORD is my Shepherd”. The job of the shepherd is to lead the sheep not to teach them how to get to the next pasture on their own, he watches closely to protect the flock from enemies that try to sneak in and to find and return members of the flock that wander away. It is not up to the sheep to figure out the way, that’s the shepherd’s job. The sheep are only supposed keep their eyes on the shepherd, follow him closely and listen to him carefully. The shepherd is not trying to raise up sheep that don’t need him, he’s working to raise up sheep that trust him, that depend upon him, that follow him and that know that he loves them and will lay down his life for them. This morning we are going to again contrast the woman at the well and the disciples, a woman who met Jesus and immediately left all she had to share His heart with others and a group of men who met Jesus and often pushed for Him to lead them where they wanted to go. Today I will contend that none of us will miss God’s will because He will always carefully and patiently make it known, but some of us will reject God’s will because we have not yet let go of our expectations of Him, His kingdom, ourselves or even the church. I pray that the Holy Spirit will remind us of the words and character of Jesus and show us that there is a significant difference between being unable to determine God’s will and being unwilling to walk in it.

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