Joanne DiLeo: “The Great Joy of His Presence” Matthew 1:18-25

This week we had the privilege of having Joanne DiLeo as our speaker! Joanne brings incredible insight and depth as she illuminates God’s Word. She is a student of the Word and led by the Holy Spirit and we are very grateful that she and her husband Tom were able to join us. Please take some time to listen to her message as she shares about the great joy of God’s presence. About how we have a God who lives in us and with us. Therefore, we are never alone because of Emmanuel, “God with us”. Joanne encourages and challenges us to ask ourselves, how would our lives be different if we allowed ordinary moments to become acts of worship? What if we really believed this is the day that the Lord has made and rejoiced? What if we did not want until we are at the end of our ropes to seek Him? I pray as you listen that you would consider truly what it means to have a God whose name is Emmanuel, God with us. 

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