Joanne DiLeo “More Than a Beautiful Song” Ezekiel 33:30-33

This Sunday we had the pleasure of having our good friend, Joanne DiLeo, as our speaker. Joanne leads worship and brings the Word every Thursday night at the Beverly Presbyterian Praise and Worship service which begins at 7:00pm. Please take some time to listen to her sermon and if you are free on Thursday night, we encourage you to check out her weekly service.

Our lives should look differently because we belong to Jesus Christ. But is the voice of God moving us or is it just a “lovely” voice? Ezekiel is given a call to speak to God’s people, they listen, but then they do not move according to His Word. We cannot surrender and not be changed. The Gospel says come as you are, and you will be changed. This morning I pray, that the Word would become our priority and that we would all be intentional about seeking God in His Word.