II Peter 1:5-11 “Something Must Be Added”

In our text tonight, Peter moves from announcement to call. Everything we need is found in knowing Jesus, but knowing Jesus must lead us to action, to adding to and digging into this knowledge, to demonstrating our love for Him because He has so clearly demonstrated His love for us. Our faith is built by adding, it is a gift from God, but one that we must take responsibility for building up. The building of our faith is our response to being forgiven. It is not about getting delivered but walking in deliverance and Peter lays out for us how we build out faith. Each step is built upon the previous, it is not a list for us to pick the ones we like, but rather each step leads to the next and they are all tied together to help make us more like Christ. Tonight, I pray that we truly be committed to the calling of knowing Christ and desire to build our faith because of love.

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