II Peter 1:12-15 “Reminded”

The first 11 verses of Peter’s second letter have been a call to recognize that everything we need, the multiplication of grace and peace, the power for holy living, the strength to stand and the promise to never stumble are all found in intimate, continual, and correct knowledge of Jesus. The more we know Christ, the more His character shapes ours into His likeness. In tonight’s passage, Peter addresses one of my favorite topics, our need for and God’s willingness to give us reminders of the truth. Peter, much like the apostle Paul in the book of Philippians, makes it clear, that reminding the church of what He has already taught them is not a hardship, but rather it’s his calling, it’s his desire but even more it’s his joy. We are a forgetful people, but God is not frustrated or disappointed in our forgetfulness, rather, He is a Father that loves to remind His children of that which is true. He remembers that we are but dust and so He kindly and joyfully reminds us of the truth that is too important to forget. Tonight, I pray, that we would see faith as a gift and allow His reminders to become the foundation of our knowledge.

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