In this passage the author of Hebrews continues his focus on Jesus’ superiority by revealing the enormous and eternal power of Jesus’ blood. The blood of Jesus is something we sing about, pray over others and trust in but I’m not sure that we have fully understood it’s purpose and it’s power. “The blood of Jesus” does more than describe His death it reveals His sacrifice. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law because He lived a perfect life and because He became the perfect sacrifice. His blood pays for sin and removes it from all those that will agree with His identity as Lord and enter into the New Covenant by faith. The law was ratified by the blood of goats and bulls but the New Covenant is ratified by the blood of Jesus. In this week’s study we will explore a bit further into what that really means. What is the significance of the blood of Jesus? How is it applied? What does it really provide? I pray that this time of study will reveal both the power and purpose of Jesus’ blood and that together we will begin to see that His blood has given me abundant life, not at a later time in heaven, but here and now in the midst of what is still a sinful world.

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