Our most recent study in the book of Hebrews covers chapter three. The chapter begins much like chapter two, with a call to “consider” Jesus, “the Apostle and High Priest of our confession.” The word “consider”, in this context, means to fix attention on continuously. The author’s entire letter is written for the purpose of revealing the supremacy of Jesus, this calling to keep our attention upon Him continuously is a call to worship. This is an opportunity to have our direction and vision set on Jesus rather than our circumstances, to see all things through Christ rather than trying to see Christ through our circumstances. The recipients of the original letter were wavering in their faith due to the persecution and difficulty of the day, the author is encouraging them to not let their struggle, no matter how grave to determine their faith but to stay faithful to Christ out of a concentration on how faithful Jesus has been to His Father and to each of us.

The author then uses Psalm 95 to show us the danger of unbelief. The generation of Israelites that left Egypt gave in to the temptation of unbelief and died in the desert rather than entering into the Promised Land. Unbelief becomes rebellion, it is disguised in many different ways but it is ultimately a stubborn refusal to trust in God’s love and faithfulness. One of the most important lessons of this chapter is that we are joined together by Christ’s blood and we are able to strengthen each other in the battle against unbelief. We are given a call to “exhort” one another daily and told that this exhortation, this walking together and strengthening of each other keeps us from being deceived by sin and having our hearts hardened. The faithfulness of Jesus’ intercession for us must lead us to faithful relationships with each other, guarding our hearts and minds and leading each other into greater faith that reaps a harvest of trust and obedience.

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