Our most recent class on the book of Hebrews covers 2:1-9. The author of the letter stops for just a moment in his exaltation of Jesus as greater than the angels and implores the readers to examine their hearts and be sure that they are giving their full attention to the person and gospel of Jesus. He is quite clear about the reason, “so that we don’t drift away”. We are prone to drifting. Our humanity has been so affected by sin that if we are not in constant intimacy with Jesus we begin to drift from Him. I’m not referring to apostasy, but rather that place where our love grows cold, our ears grow weary and our eyes grow dim. That place where we find ourselves living our lives in our own strength and understanding rather than through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s Word. Ultimately, if we understand the true greatness of Jesus we find incredible joy in clinging to Him as the “Author and Finisher of our faith”. Sometimes we all need a reminder to search our hearts, to examine our lives, to look clearly at Jesus and to marvel at the amazing reality that the God who is love has chosen to love us with His everlasting love. That is the anchor that settles us in our place in Him and keeps us from ever being left a drift.

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