“When Healing Is Not Enough” John 9:35-41

Often, we think that if “x” happens then our lives would be easier, and we would be satisfied, but what happens when that is not enough? What happens when we get what we think we wanted, and life does not get better? We want just our lives to change, but Jesus is not satisfied until our hearts are changed. Jesus did not just heal the blind beggar, but after the healing He went to find the man. The man whose healing was not celebrated, the man whose family had been questioned about their sin, the man who had been kicked out of the synagogue. Jesus heard about his troubles and jumped into action because there is no compassion without action. That is the moment that changed this man’s heart. It wasn’t healing, but it was the compassion of Jesus to come find him in his pain. What are we doing? Our prayers must lead to action. Are we being moved? Today, I pray that above all else we realize the need for our hearts to change and that we become people of compassion.

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