“Have We Believed?” John 10:31-42

Have you ever had a situation where you were telling the truth, but no one believed you? What happens when life or death hang on the truth being believed? In August 1836 Colonel Christian came Burlington City and claimed that Severn Martin was his slave who had fled his plantation 16 years before. The Mayor, who was sitting as County Magistrate, believed the Colonel despite not having any evidence that Severn was ever his slave. Severn was to be taken to the plantation, but William Allison, a citizen of Burlington, was able to raise the $800 to buy Severn’s freedom. The difference between slavery and freed was being believed. The Mayor did not believe, but Allison and the neighbors did and were believed. Belief is costly. Something had to be done in belief. And the same is true for us, we cannot remain who we were and walk with Christ. Choosing belief must change everything. It requires every we are to be put into His hands until we are everything that He is. Believe means to place confidence in, trust, surrender/submission. Jesus is not saying make a confession, but rather to put our lives and hearts in His hands. This morning I pray we would believe to the point of being changed, that we would be willing to search our hearts, minds, and lives, and ask ourselves do we believe?