“Grace and Truth Bring Conviction and Change” John 11:45-48

In the first chapter of his gospel, John established Jesus’ identity, character, and purpose. He showed that not only is Jesus the only way to the Father, but He is also the only picture of the Father. Why does Jesus matter so much? Because there is nothing true outside of Him. He is the truth. He is also grace. Grace was designed to change us. If we are not being challenged, then we cannot be changed and if we aren’t being changed than the Gospel isn’t having a work in our lives. Jesus is full of truth AND grace; they cannot be separated. Truth is lost when grace isn’t felt, and grace is wasted when truth isn’t made known. This morning I pray that we would see that Jesus’ goal is not to convert us, but to change our hearts, build relationships and bring us through the work of transformation that comes from love. He doesn’t want to turn us into just believers but wants to adopt us into His family.