“Devoted” Acts 2:41-47, 4:32-35 Amanda Mackie

This Sunday, our youth pastor, Amanda Mackie was our speaker.

We love the idea of devotion. We devote ourselves to family, job, sport, friends, and school. Some of us might even say we are devoted to Burlington or whatever community you find yourself in. But what is the order of our devotion? Specifically, how would you order your devotion to the following: community, Christ, and the church/body. The better question might be, how does the way you live reveal your devotion? Our devotion will always point back to what captures our heart the most. That is why the order matters. The Bible gives us a clear standard for what we should be devoting ourselves to and this morning I pray that as we see that in the life of Jesus that we would be willing to allow our hearts to be challenged so that our character can be shaped to be more like Christ’s.