I think that we sometimes underscore the difficulty of Moses’ early life. He was spared by the grace of God and the courage of his family. Taken as a grandson of Pharoah but also taught that he was a Hebrew, a child of God.  It seems as if Moses had no real place of fitting in. The Egyptians rejected him because he was a Hebrew and the Hebrews rejected him because they saw him as an Egyptian. After fleeing because of murdering an Egyptian guard we find a strange statement in Exodus chapter 2. It says that Moses was “content” in Midian. It was in Midian that God was able to mold and shape Moses, was able to prepare him for his future and finally was able to speak to Him and build a relationship of intimacy with Him. I believe strongly in the Sovereignty of God. I believe that God “orders the steps of the righteous”. I also believe that “His ways are higher than mine” and that there are many steps that I take in life that do not fit with my understanding but are perfectly planned by God. It is interesting to me that when Moses became content that God was able to begin a work in his life. I want to learn to be content with God’s sovereignty, to trust Him to be in control, to trust Him to love me and to trust Him to “do all things well.” In that place I will learn God’s love, I will learn to be faithful and God will begin to fulfill all of His plans for me, plans to give me a hope and a future.

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