“Belief & Time” John 7:1-9

In John 7, John went out of his way to tell us that Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe in Him. It was more than a detail in the events John was relaying, it was a point that he was making sure his readers knew, it was, apparently, something we were supposed to keep in mind as we moved forward into Jesus’ response. When Jesus addressed His brothers, He was not simply addressing the impatient, the misguided or the frustrated, He was addressing a group of unbelievers. That’s what makes this whole passage so interesting. Jesus didn’t call out the unbelief of His brothers as He had done the crowd in Capernaum 6 months earlier, instead He talked to His brothers about time, revealing that belief and time are somehow connected to each other. Have you ever noticed how often time is our reason or excuse for unbelief? We wait a certain amount of time and we begin to wonder if we had heard from God, we begin to doubt the works of God, sometimes we even begin to complain about the plans of God. As we walk through these verses today, I’m praying that we will discover that God is not separated from time, He’s not living outside of time, He’s simply not bound by time, in fact, He’s often using waiting to set us free from our bondage to time. Patience builds faith and impatience destroys it, belief is founded upon trust and God’s timing flows from His love and is based upon what He knows is in our hearts. I pray that we will be able to see God’s heart clearly today and realize that none of us is really waiting on God to move, we are simply watching Him work. God is always working, even while we are waiting.

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