In the book of II Timothy Paul confessed the reason that he had no shame concerning his suffering was “I know the one in whom I trust”. I believe that true worship is birthed through relationship. Worship is not merely our songs, our dances, our art or our gifts to God; it is the confidence, the faith and the trust that is birthed from knowing God intimately.

We often get stuck trying to figure out how God will accomplish a thing.  We feel we need to know timing and mode of the fulfillment of promises but the question how is often just an invitation for worry. I believe that Jesus teaches us that knowing who is in control is of much more importance than knowing how a situation will be resolved or a need will be met. When we focus on God, on the who of our situations and trust Him to take care of the how and when, we enter into a place of worship that allows us to keep our hearts and minds set on Him in all situations.

My prayer today is that we will be a people that concentrate on God, on His love, His goodness, His power and His ability. When we truly believe that noting is impossible with God we can have rest and contentment in every moment of life. In that place we can stop worrying about how and put all of our love and attention toward the who. May we let worship overtake worry and live in the peace and confidence of knowing that God is with us.

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